Company Mission - Alchemy Utilities

Company Mission

Alchemy Utilities Limited is a new sustainable utility company based in Ireland. Alchemy Utilities are specialist in the complex field of waste to synthetic gas production, renewable energy, and the provision of drinking water through the removal of salt and other contamination.

Alchemy Utilities as a company will not be compromised in its mission to position itself as the world leader in the delivery of renewable, low/zero carbon community based schemes designed to deliver a true Circular Economy.



to innovate, deliver and operate full service projects in the pursuit of a truly circular economy creating community based and private renewable projects utilising our own decentralised sustainable utility technologies.


Formed by a powerful and experienced management team, Alchemy has already successfully secured the ownership of strategic IP and patents to enable worldwide delivery of innovative products. Alchemy Utilities quest to deliver their solutions globally is gaining strength day by day with the recent appointment of key partners in Asia, Malaysia and Indonesia through joint venture companies will be positioned to supply to local economies with locally based operations.

Alchemy Utilities technologies are not only innovative but have been designed to be very complementary enabling Alchemy Utilities to deliver solutions from a suite of technology companies within it’s group designed specifically to meet customers various and diverse requirements.

In addition to the suite of technologies at their disposal, Alchemy Utilities are keen to deliver carbon reduction to those service based companies who have high CSR objectives and are actively in pursuit of projects which can provide such a platform for investment.

Source: Ellen MacArthur Foundation

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