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Drinking Water from Salt or River Water

Fully Automated


Rapid start up time

Each Alchemy H2O Optima unit can

deliver enough drinking water for over

20,000 people a year.

The  Alchemy H2O system is a leading-edge technology that will change the concept of producing clean drinking water. The unit has been specifically designed and constructed into a standard 40ft shipping container to be easily transported. Once on site the system can convert river or saltwater into drinking water in less than one hour from start-up. The process can either be supported by the on board backup heat generator or preferably, waste heat from a power station. Simply pumping the water into the system from the source (river or ocean), the system then converts this water through to clean drinking water all within a neat containerised package.   

The Alchemy H20 Optima unit can produce up to 24,000,000 litres per year depending on the customer’s specific need for drinking water. From minimal yearly maintenance to fully unmanned operation, this process is the height of robust engineering. Based on a typical annual operation, the Alchemy H2O produces enough clean drinking water for over 20,000 people to drink their recommended three litres of water, every day for the full year.

The Alchemy H20 is a solution to produce clean water more efficiently and economically than it has been done before and there is already significant worldwide demand for its adoption. The units versatility and modular nature allow for an easy adaptability to suit the needs of both small local communities, large towns and cities, as it has a wide ranging potential.

The potential and demand for the Alchemy H20 spans right across the water sector. From small scale clean water generation for remote communities (i.e. adopted by water aid charities to provide permanent solutions to relieve water crisis areas) to large scale seawater desalination plants required for island nations that have significant water stress (i.e adopted by governmental or private companies to be the go to product for low cost, efficient drinking water production).    

The rapid start up time is very unique to the Alchemy H20 system. Within an hour of arriving on a site (for example on the back of a lorry) it’s able to produce perfectly clean drinking water. This provides a huge benefit for the implementation of transportable systems that would have additional far reaching applications across the sector. From being able to reach remote locations that do not have access to electricity or flood stricken areas (home and abroad) to more commercial applications such as festival sites.

From the rapid start up time and ease of transportation to the use of waste heat and its adaptability, makes the Alchemy H2O a potential world changing technology. 


of the worlds water is salt water

Million people without a safe supply of water

Every minute, every day, people suffer and lives are lost needlessly because of a lack of safe water and sanitation.


The Process

The core technology within the Alchemy H20 system is distillation. However, the innovative patented design deliver a far more energy efficient and compact process than other similar comparable technologies have ever achieved.

Both the preheating and heating requirements of internal membrane wall are satisfied by utilising heat from the exhaust gasses of a conventional power plant. The contaminated/salt water is sprayed through patented nozzles at the vertical membrane walls. Minerals are added back into the distilled water automatically as part of the process. The system has been designed for minimal low cost maintenance and very long life. All stainless construction.

The energy consumption of the Alchemy H2O is minimal therefore by reducing the need for heat/electricity especially relevant in those areas of the world where utilities are a scarce resource. The associated carbon reduction is a valuable by-product.

Key Product Features and Benefits

  • Water cleaning by waste energy
  • 100% clean water without any bacteria
  • Static or transportable options – so it can be transferred to otherwise difficult to reach locations
  • Extremely short start-up time of less than one hour
  • Closed circle operation without adding any pollutants or emissions
  • The product has multiple uses (seawater to drinking water, dirty water cleaning, industrial water cleaning)
  • Industrial quality of solution
  • When the system is employed to convert seawater into drinking water the sea salt that is separated from the water can be captured and sold
  • Specifically designed to be easy to use in water crisis areas

Technical Information

Model: Alchemy H20 Optima

24,000,000 litres of drinking water per annum

  860 tonnes of salt (when input source is seawater)
Input water: 24,000,000 litres of source water (seawater/river water)
  Min. flow rate: 3000 litres/hour
 Input heating plant:  
 Heat Input: 145-150 kW of heat input for water pre-heating (depending on water source)
  48.75 kW for membrane wall heating (startup only)
  33.75 kW for membrane wall heating (once up to temperature)
  Alternatively the plant can be run entrely from waste heat from an existing plant.
Input waste heat requirements:  
Min. exhaust gas temp:                160degC
Min. exhaust gas flow: 2.76 m3/hour
Min exhaust gas pressure: 3 Bar
Electricity input: Max. 25kW (peak demand)
  approx. 15kW consumption in operation
  230V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz, 400V/50Hz(60Hz) all options available for use
Weight of unit: 8500-9000 kg
Dimensions: 12,190mm (L) x 2,590mm (W) x 2,890mm (H) (Standard 40ft shipping container dimensions)
Salt capture: approx. 3.5% of input water (only applicable when source is sea water)


The information provided is for guidance only and the manufacturer reserves the right to amend the information at their discretion.

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