New Alchemy Bioloader ready for shipping - Alchemy Utilities

The Alchemy TD Bioloader and Buffer Silo are completed and ready to be shipped to the demonstration project in Ireland.

Alchemy have been developing the new multi-functional feedstock handling solution for their anaerobic digestion system. The new solutions have been specially developed and OEM manufactured for Alchemy in Finland.

Photo: Alchemy Utilities project manager Petri Ahola (right) confirms readiness for dispatch

On behalf of Alchemy Utilities project manager Petri Ahola (pictured) made a final inspection for the equipment prior to dispatch to the project in Ireland.

The new feedstock handling solution is extremely flexible to the different feedstocks it will be required to handle. Furthermore, it will meet the highest EU standards for hygienezation. Once loaded, it can automatically process the feedstocks into the digester and it will give approximately 14 days storage capacity to run before the next load is required.