Alchemy's Eánna Tiernan looking to cut emissions and increase revenue at family farm - Alchemy Utilities

At Alchemy our employees are also striving to improve efficiencies at home to improve their bottom line.

Eánna with the assistance of the Irish Farmers Association (IFA) Smart Farming team is looking to cut emissions and increase revenue while maintaining sustainable production at home on his family farm in County Roscommon, Ireland. The Smart Farming programme focuses on eight key areas that have the highest costs on farms, or offer the greatest savings to farmers.

These same objectives are front and center of Alchemy Utilities strategy going forward. The knowledge and understanding Eánna has of the cattle rearing industry transfer well to his work with Alchemy. Understanding the problems farmers face with waste removal and keeping operating costs down will allow Alchemy to tailor solutions accordingly. Links with the IFA mean that Alchemy are well placed to understand to needs of these farmers to provide solutions that work for them.     


In recent years the drive to reduce emissions and cut costs in the agriculture sector has been growing rapidly. The harmony between what we are doing at Alchemy and what we are doing with the IFA Smart Farming team is clear. The alternative more efficient solutions for dealing with agricultural wastes will compliment the suggestions identified by the Smart Farming Team for cost savings

Eánna Tiernan

Technical Manager, Alchemy Utilities