Food Waste to Power Water Purification - Alchemy Utilities


Alchemy Utilities of Dublin are launching their revolutionary H20 Optima at the SEAI Energy Show on April 5th – a new ‘renewable Water Purification plant’ which runs on energy generated from waste food. The Alchemy H20 Optima will vastly reduce the carbon footprint of food production and agriculture in Ireland, particularly for all Meat and Dairy producers where high energy and water use are heavy greenhouse gas contributors.

“I believe this is ground breaking technology for Ireland’s Agrifood sector and it will help Ireland to drive its way to World leadership on the Global Circular Economy grid which our Government is determined to conquer” says CEO Richard Griffin. “Sustainable farming and food production are very high on Ireland’s economic agenda as the global population expands at record rates and both food and water are set to become dangerously scarce if dramatic action is not taken fast in many countries. This leaves Ireland in a unique position as a country with substantial food production capability. It is well known that the Government wants to double the country’s food exports by 2020 and Alchemy can provide the best technologies to assist that without pushing up the Carbon footprint.”

By combining two of Alchemy’s technologies most Meat production, Dairy and other food producing plants will be able to purify their waste water on-site at almost zero carbon emissions as well as generate renewable heat and power for their factories utilising their own waste. “If you are in food production or agriculture and this sounds like utopia then I suggest you come and see us at the SEAI Energy Show on Stand H8 in Hall 2 at the RDS next week” Richard says. “You can even win a free feasibility study worth 5000 euro if you bring your Irish luck with you! Our Energy technologies run on a wide range of waste feedstocks and these obviously need direct discussion with the waste producer to determine optimum performance, but in most cases we can enable you to generate on your own site with your own waste so that you get the full benefit”

Alchemy TD digester configuration with fuel feeding CHP & fertiliser pelleting plant.

The Alchemy TD, another one of the technologies is particularly suited to farmers because, in addition to generating Electricity and Heat, it can produce high quality granulated or pelletized fertiliser which can be sold in the open market or transported in bags easily to other farms. This totally transforms the farmer’s economics, especially when compared to the traditional labour intensive method of storing thousands of gallons of slurry all year and then carting it around locally by tractor a bit at a time in the few months that it is permitted.


“The efficiency of our new Thermophilic Digester is second to none within the worldwide renewable power generation sector when measured on carbon reduction per euro invested and its payback is fabulous – what’s more it is made in Ireland” Richard comments.

The Alchemy H20 and Alchemy TD technologies could be pivotal as Ireland pushes its Agrifood sector to double production in the next few years. Water resources are scarce in many countries and farmers as well as food producers are under constant pressure to reduce water usage all over the world as well as in Ireland. It is now embedded in the Sustainable Food Producing culture which the Origin Green Bord Bia initiative started back in June 2012. To build a technology that runs on food waste and organic agricultural waste that produces both heat and electricity with almost zero added water, its potential is extraordinary. When you consider that over 69% of the world’s fresh water is used by the agricultural sector, by purifying waste water with Alchemy H20 that can be re-circulated as drinking or process water, plus providing savings of over 3,000 tonnes of Carbon then you have a true ‘double whammy’. That is exactly what Alchemy Utilities anticipate delivering next Wednesday at the SEAI Energy Show.


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