Alchemy Utilities to launch revolutionary low carbon Waste to Energy Technologies at SEAI Energy Show - Alchemy Utilities


14 Mar 2017 08:30 AM GMT

Alchemy Utilities Limited, a revolutionary new Utility company head quartered in Dublin, Ireland is launching it’s unique range of complementary technologies at the SEAI Energy Show on April 5th at the RDS Arena. Believed to be the world’s first completely sustainable multi-utility company, Alchemy Utilities are specialists in the complex field of waste to synthetic gas production, renewable energy and the conversion of contaminated water into drinking water.

The Global Intellectual Property rights behind the waste to energy, water and gas technologies are to be further enhanced at research facilities based in Dublin and in addition most probably Cork or Limerick where the growing research and development teams will be recruited. The investment in R&D facilities is to support the manufacturing of two new technologies to be produced in Dublin for worldwide distribution. In addition to the suite of technologies at their disposal, Alchemy Utilities are keen to deliver carbon reduction to those service-based companies who have high CSR objectives and are actively in pursuit of projects which can provide such a platform for investment.


Export markets in Japan, Korea, Indonesia, India, South America and Australasia are already showing strong interest and are expected to be the early adopters driven by their need to combat severe shortages of clean water for both drinking and irrigation as well as unstable electricity and energy supplies for manufacturing and food processing. In remote third world countries, Alchemy’s products are able to supply off-grid renewable electricity and pure drinking water derived from organic waste and contaminated water supplies. The bi-product of highly nutritious ‘bagged organic fertilizer’ in pellet form further enhances the value of the technologies’ output in world markets.

Alchemy Utilities chose Ireland as its base due to the wealth of agricultural knowledge, expertise and scientific research facilities founded on a strong culture and commitment to best sustainable farming practices. “The commitment in Ireland to sustainable farming is universal within the whole food production chain from start to finish and it is on this solid foundation that we believe we can best sell our leading ‘waste’ technologies to create a true circular economy throughout the world” said CEO Richard Griffin on his return from Indonesia this week. “The whole of Asia and Australasia offer huge potential and we believe this will be mirrored in the America’s where similar conditions exist. To produce organic fertilizer, clean water and energy all from discarded waste is a compelling solution for every country and Ireland should benefit significantly from the export of these technologies.”

Actively working alongside the IDA , Sustainable Nation and KPMG to develop domestic and golobal markets, the 19th SEAI Energy Show provides a perfect platform for Alchemy Utilities LTD’s technology launch. The SEAI Energy show  showcases world leading suppliers of energy efficient and renewable energy products and services from Ireland and Europe.